We welcome individual visitors and groups to our studio. Here are some offers for groups.

birthday in ceramics studio: it‘s couple unforgettable hours in creative environment together with your friends and guests. It‘s creation, celebration, good mood and memories for the rest of your life! Everybody creates a collective work for the one who‘s birthday it is, then write their names on it and wishes. After, there is free improvisation and personal works.  Work-present will be burnt, the manageress will glaze it and after second burning it will reach the house of the Birthday celebrator.  Smaller works will be burnt as well and those who want to come and glaze by themselves are free to do that during manageress working hours and the service is paid. The guests will also have what to do: they‘ll have separate table and after the hour of creation, builders will also join them and the most cheerful part will start- birthday cake eating! Another offer: only glazing the crockery prepared in the studio.

team building party
Looking for a creative team building activity? It‘s a leisure time spending together, relaxation from job problems, creation of friendly atmosphere among the colleagues.  Just one visit to the studio. Everyone can choose what item has to be glazed. After burning Everyone will get their cups, whether saucers, depending on the choice.

hen party
A bride-to-be with her lady friends can make a set for a new family, or just paint cups, mugs, whether saucers.

birthday birthday  birthday
team building party  teambuilding 
 hen party